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Anybody else got .22 autos they want to talk about?  These are mine.  I don't get to play with them as often as I'd like.  They are all 90 to 100 years old.  Imagine that. 
The one with the big orange grips is a single shot, masquerading as a magazine fed semi auto,  Stevens model 10 target pistol with an adjustable rear sight.  Made before the First World War.  The rest are various High Standard "A" "B" variations with a couple of real nice pre-Woodsman Colts thrown in for spice.

Now those are some NICE pistols!!!
I have a Ruger Mk III (my little girl stole my Mk II), a Browning Benchmark and a Beretta model 70 that I play with sometimes.  My favorite .22 is a S&W model 17.  And I have a S&W 651 .22 magnum that is a lot of fun - but a bit loud!!

I know what you mean.  My son got my Ruger MkII. My Grand daughter got one of my Woodsman 6 1/2" barrel.  My Daughter in law got one of my High Standard 2d edition 6 1/2".  My Niece got a really pretty High Standard Model A like the two in the picture.  The ones in this picture is all I have left of a lot more .22's. ;D .
I have more fun shooting these little plinkers than I do shooting the big stuff.  I stay proficient with the big ones.  But the .22's are pure full.  I carry the High Standard 4" HB around on the ranch.  Lots of skunks, and what not prowling around. It doesn't miss very often.

Freehold Marshal:
I have this High Standard Supermatic Citation.

Its been making it to the range with me every time I go.

I've wasted a lot of time in gun and pawn shops hunting for a Citation.  Folks who own them just don't get rid of them.


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