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Started raining here yesterday afternoon.  When it stopped early this AM we had accumulated 17".  Morning broke clear and sunny, much of the water in the ditches and yards had cleared by around 10:00.  Of course, before noon it started raining again.  Last I heard, we picked up another 6-7 inches today.  For the next eight days there's a better than 50% chance of heavy rains or thunder storms - on five of those days they're saying there's a better than 75% chance.  Got the front yard mowed yesterday morning before the rains started.  By the time things dry up enough to hit the backyard its gonna look like Cambodia!!  Looks like its gonna be a wet Spring/Summer!!!!

Freehold Marshal:
Ya'll have sure been getting the rain this year! We have been getting some good rains too but nothing like what you are getting.

So far this month we've had 7 days without rain.  Most rain in May ever.

  Today was hot and clear so I spent the day putting out weed killer.  Maybe the rain tonight won't wash it away.  I put out 250 pounds of seed two weeks ago on a clear day and its just coming in.  Kind of thin looking so some of it washed away.  Don't think I will ever catch up on the outside stuff. Between the long hospital stay, the time in rehab and not having permission from the Doc to use the tractor until recently all I seem to be able to do is watch it rain :(

I'm afraid its done raining here until sometime in October, September if we're lucky.

Rain? Wuds thet?


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