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We're getting a bit more rain than usual last couple days.  So far, since it started yesterday we've got between 15 and 16 inches.  Gonna rain all evening and tonight, tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday.  Supposed to be nice Friday, before starting up again this weekend.  Parts of Houston are under 16 feet of water today.  Here the drainage ditches are running full, but we have no real water in the front yard, and not too much out back.  Just enough for the dogs to roll around in and come sneaking back in the house to shake it off on the furniture.  Real ugly electrical storms last night and this morning.  Before lunch it backed off to just rain.  Supposed to get ugly again this evening and for the next couple days.

Freehold Marshal:
Out here in Cali we seem to be slowly recovering from the drought everything is greened up again, Haven't really gotten what I'd call excessive rains. I remember those flash flood type storms when I lived back in the southern mid west. Nearly got washed off a highway in a full sized pickup truck outside of Amarillo back in the 80's

Similar things were happening with vehicles in the Houston area today.  Some underpasses were completely full of water.  Semis were caught in water up to their doors on the interstates.  Some idiot saw water seeping in under his door.  Instead of looking out the window first, he just opened his front door - and water filled his house to almost waist level.  Hasn't rained since early afternoon, but as I was walking the dogs tonight it was starting to sprinkle a bit.  The pups didn't waste a lot of time playing around.  They took care of business and headed back to the homestead.

I've been watching the Houston area on the news.  It looks to be quite wet there.

They interviewed some asshat on tv.  He had seen a little water seeping from under his front door and decided to open it to see what was going on outside (he could have just looked out the window next to the door).  He opened the door, it knocked him over and his apartment immediately filled waist high with water.  He said he would have looked out the window, but he was in a hurry to get out the house and go to work.  Of course his car was completely under water.


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