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Freehold Marshal:
Any Archers here? If so Are you into target shooting, hunting or both? Do you use modern bows or traditional? I grew up with traditional archery and a longbow. I've only hunted small game, mostly rabbits and squirrels with a bow. I prefer a Traditional bow without any of the modern gadgetry attached something like this Raptor Osage Flatbow.

I really admire the self bows and wish I could learn the art of the bent stick.
My 15 year old and I started in bare bow trad a few months backs.
Samick Journey 64" with 35 and 40 pound limbs to start.
Might have wanted to start with 30 # as building form is everything.
We really enjoy trad bare bow.
I got compound crazy years ago but it did get me a 163 5/8 buck registered as
49th in Ohio big buck club. 205# feild dressed.
I want one, even a doe, with trad gear.

My older brother left home when I was 13 or 14.  He gave me his traditional bow when he left.  I messed with it up til when I went in the Army.  When I came back home on a visit, I found my Mom had given it to a cousin or some other relative I'd never liked.  Haven't shot a bow in 25 years or so - probably more.

Freehold Marshal:
I've only owned one compound a Browning that I picked up for next to nothing in a thrift shop. I've owned a couple of longbows and a couple of Recurves. Always wanted a Flatbow but until recently I didn't know of anyone making a quality Flatbow. I'd like to try taking a deer with one of these and flint points on my Arrows.

That's very cool Mike.  I'd like to own that one myself.


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