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El Nino predicted to send a WET Winter-Spring to theWest Coast


Just dialed this in on the Weather-underground this AM.
High time after a 4 year drought....- now we can look forward to flooding & mudslides....especially in areas hit by wildfires.
Should be an interesting Winter/Spring......IF the Weather mavins are reading their Satellite Crystal balls accurately. ::)
Hope it is as wet as the 84 season. Now that we've had 4 years of fire& drought, Flooding & mudslides willat least keep the news more interesting. ;)

Started raining here yesterday morning; hasn't stopped yet.

Let's be thankful for the rain.

God is good.


If El Nino makes its predicted appearance with the rains like those of the 1990's El Nino, the Kalifornia legislature will claim it is their program for relieving the drought.

There's a man on the next block building an Ark. (What does he know that i don't)?  :o


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