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If you were setting up a range...


in your yard, what would it look like?

We have the space, and the children want to practice more often.  Would straw bales work to backstop the targets?  Or should I be thinking of something else?

Thanks in advance.

Brian D.:
Hello. Straw bales might work for while to stop most handgun rounds. But you'd want to use something more substantial. The NRA has information about range building on their website, someplace. Be warned though, it's a big website.

Freehold Marshal:
Since this is in the archery forum Yes straw bales work just fine as arrow stops that don't damage your arrows. If you're going above a 50 lb draw weight you might want to double bale the backstop. If using a modern high powered crossbow even triple baling the back stop probably won't be enough to stop the quarrels. It is still just as important to keep an eye on what is behind your target and that people and animals won't be able to approach the target area from the sides during practice.

Brian D.:
I flat overlooked that this post was in the archery section, sorry.  :-[ During visits here I go right to the "New posts since last visit" page and start clicking.

Freehold Marshal:
I could see where that could happen. As for stopping handgun rounds I'd recommend earth berms or a hillside as a backstop.


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