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Walked into a local pawn shop Tuesday morning just to see what they may have on display.  Bottom shelf of a display case had a blued 2 3/4" Ruger Security Six.  Gun looked to be in nice shape, so I asked to look at it.  Gun was in very good condition overall, just a bit of bluing worn on one side of the muzzle.  Appeared the gun had been carried a lot and shot a little, then heavily oiled, and left on the shelf in a closet to gather dust and lint - it had.  Not the barrel length I prefer, but the gun had a really nice feel to it.  Gun was marked at $380.00; asked the manager if he could deal a bit on the price - he said he couldn't mark down the gun, but he would sell it for $380 OTD - not charging tax on the gun.  Told him I'd think about it and get back with him asap.  Decent revolvers are hard to find around here at decent prices, that's as good a price as I've seen on any Security Six in several years.  I felt the Ruger was worth the money - just wasn't sure I really wanted it.  Thought about it overnight, went in yesterday morning and bought it.  I'm sure it will come in handy - for something!!

Freehold Marshal:
A Security six has been on my list for a while too. Due to that stupid CA safe list it is nearly impossible to find and get them here. Eventually I'd like to get one with a 4 barrel. At least once the move to Nevada is complete I can browse the gunshops for one.
Congrats on the new addition Jesse!

Got both the Speed Six &The Security Six in stainless =somewhat heavy for beltcarry & a shoulderholster is an invite for a local Leo  to add to his gun collection ;)
One  in the safe, one more accessible by the bed got the security six in a 4" barrel. both shoot to POA @ 20". Taylor grip adapters help for DA shoots. Got mine in a private transaction before that loophole got legislated shut. >:(

As I have a CCL, it took less than 10 minutes to get the gun, walk over to the counter to do the paperwork and pay and walk out the door with my "new" revolver.  Oh yeah, the manager did throw in a box of 158 grain HP .357 ammo.  Thought that was nice of him.

Picked up a Security Six for myself the other day

Elderly but in good condition.


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