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Author Topic: Immigrate The Right Way  (Read 118 times)

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Immigrate The Right Way
« on: October 08, 2017, 03:26:21 PM »

OC Register/Letters-to-the-Editor

In response to Guv. Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown declaring and signing something to make Kalifornia a Sanctuary State, citizens respond.

Immigrate the Right Way

In the article entitled, “California to become sanctuary state” [News, Oct. 6] we read that Gov. Brown states that this action protects public safety. I am all for immigrants coming to this country, but they should go through what others do to become legal. Gov. Brown, the next time you host a party and only invite special guests, how will you feel when other uninvited guest jump to the front of the line?

Many years ago, there was a Tea Party because people objected to taxation without representation. Now we have the opposite thanks to people like Gov. Brown. Some law-breaking people have representation without paying taxes. Does a sanctuary state protect public safety? When one reviews the statistics on who is responsible for the majority of hit-and-runs, that statement proves false.

— Chuck Trout, Huntington Beach

Backward priorities

The Democrats running California can’t find $20 million or so in a $100 billion budget to install an earthquake warning system to save lives [“Is California quake ready?” Oct. 5], but they can find billions for a bullet train to nowhere and millions for lawyers, driver’s licenses, health insurance and in-state college tuition for illegal immigrants? And now they declare California a sanctuary state and risk the lives of California residents by protecting illegal immigrant criminals from arrest by the federal government?

The Democrats have their priorities backward and their actions and retention in power deserve complete rejection by the voters of this state.

— Jack Prichert, Lake Forest

More far-left lunacy

Gov. Brown signed Senate Bill 54 into law. Speaking for all Californians he has given illegal immigrants the right and privilege of remaining free in our state and not subject to the laws of the land and deportation. ICE can’t be notified of illegals incarcerated for felonies. The beneficence of his majesty is an all-encompassing gesture that has been said to be a thumb in the eye of President Trump. His magnanimous signing of this bill was well in the works before Trump became president since it was brought forward so soon after the presidential election.

There are times when the liberal Democratic Party surpasses itself in far-left lunacy. It is no wonder Trump became president with nonsense such as this ticking off the voting public. Apparently the laws of the nation are for the other 49 states. California feels itself immune and insular, making its own decisions on how it will be governed. Here, democracy as we have known it is dead and a new dawn of picking and choosing what laws to obey has arrived. To hell with federal dictates and the Supreme Court! Those individuals and families breaking the laws to come here will dramatically increase and swell the ranks of those already here.

A state that is already in the red will continue its downward spiral of economic collapse by increasing its funds supporting and housing illegal immigrants. Why not use that funny money to take care of its own such as cutting the exorbitant costs of entering state universities burdening youngsters with years of debt? There are many programs the mind could conjure up to deal with pressing problems. Many of us knew what we were getting ourselves into when Jerry Brown was elected governor. California made its stance known. No surprise here!

— Barry Wasserman, Huntington Beach

Deeper into debt for votes

Well, Moonbeam has done it. He has surrendered California without firing a shot! It’s a good thing the weather here is great. If it wasn’t, all the people not on welfare would move out. Utah, Idaho and Arizona would grow. Nothing like bucking the federal government and going deeper into debt to obtain votes.

— Bob Airheart, San Clemente

Protecting criminals

I am saddened that the governor and Legislature would protect illegal felons over the rights and safety of the citizens of California. What a travesty!

— Diane Guenette, Anaheim

Uphold your oath

The California Constitution states in Article III, Section 1, “The state of California is an inseparable part of the United States of America, and the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land.” All legislators took a solemn oath to not “advocate to overthrow the government of the United States by any unlawful means.” The California Constitution also states as its primary goal to protect the rights and property of its citizens.

Declaring itself a sanctuary state negates the articles set forth in the Constitution. As legal citizens of this state we are within our rights to withhold all property taxes until such time as the state rescinds its illegal actions. If the state refuses to protect our safety, sovereignty and property there is no reason to pay taxes.

— Cheryl Frink, Laguna Niguel