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The San JOZE Police are investigating 2 (so far) BLOWDART attacks of pedestrians in the last 2 days. These things have been outlawed in Kali for at least 50 years as they are damn near silent & can skewer their targets at extended ranges (Past 100 yds according to a San Joze mediawonk who might furnish enough hot air to extend the range that far ::)( fact is, 2 citizens have been skewered,(flesh-wounds) and the local media (MSNBC) shows a clip on how to MAKE one of these things & posts a pic of a blowdart next to a ballpoint pen for comparison! = Expect to see more of this in the near future along with a slew of copycat 'blowhards' inspired by our mediawonks & their  tutorials. >:(

Blammer, why are you surprised?  How about a soda straw, cotton ball, and straight pen?  The media will do anything to assure their continued existence.  They would post tutorials on making gun powder is they were smart enough.  And that stuff ain't hard to make been doing it since I was 9 yrs old.


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